Packing for Your Adventure Buddy

Packing for Your Adventure Buddy

It's one thing to remember everything we humans need to pack for our long day trips or even multi-day adventures. Now throw in all the things we need to pack for our adventure fur pals and the chances of us forgetting something skyrocket. 

In the hope of never again forgetting a water bowl or, heaven forbid, an extra bag of treats - we asked our resident adventure dog Moose, what he packs for every adventure!

Woman with white and black dog on river bed with mountains in the background

Best Adventure Settings

Moose has very specific perimeters when it comes to "adventuring".

1. Must be less than 13 miles. If running this milage decreases to 6 miles. 

2. Outside temperature should be between 20-60 degrees. 

3. Snacks provided, no matter the distance.

Moose's favorite types of adventures include days spent in the mountains scrambling up rocks, walking too close to the edge of cliffs, and sniffing for any and every animal who has ever wandered the trail. 

Must Pack

Because he is a bit of a daredevil and have been known to chip a nail or two (true story) his pack always includes a small first aid kit. Antibiotic cream with some stretch wrap is the most effective way to keep us all adventuring when an injury tries to slow him down!

The next thing that is an absolute must for day adventures has to be a collapsable water bowl and snacks! Moose's favorite part of any trip is sharing a PB&J sandwich. He makes sure to let us know he needs extra protein to break wind, I mean trail… all day long!

Woman and dog sharing a snack on a trail with mountains in the background

Sharing a Sweet Coconut Packaroon

If we have a lot of miles to cover and there are no nearby water sources, we make sure to pack an extra water bottle. This one is great because it gets smaller as I drink water and fits perfectly into his very own pack!

Speaking of packs. The one we use the most, that is super versatile and not too bulky is the Ruffwear Switchback Dog Harness

Even though it is under the harness section - these pockets can fit quite a bit if the day calls for it. 

While Moose might fall under the "lightweight adventure" category, he still loves to be involved no matter how hard he has to work to keep up with his humans. 

Just like our own gear, we are always fine-tuning what goes in his pack and are always looks like more ways to capitalize on small spaces!

Adventure Dog Pack List

  1. Our favorite dog collar
  2. The leash that works best for us
  3. Collapsable dog bowl for water breaks
  4. Moose's favorite pack
  5. Dog First Aid kit
  6. Treats that get the most tail wags
  7. Packaroons® to share
  8. Biodegradable waste bags for impromptu poops
  9. Bear bells
  10. Bug repellent  

What are your "must haves" when it comes to packing for adventure pups?

White dog with black spots standing on river bed drinking from the river

Brooke is a born and raised Arizonan. That is until 2013 when Alaska stole her heart and soul! Not only did Alaska give her the freedom, space and community to be herself - she also met her soulmates in both human and dog form.

When she is not running around the Heather’s Choice HQ, Brooke enjoys summiting Alaskan peaks, extended camping trips, and making a mess in the kitchen.

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