We took the time to compile the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Heather's Choice. From how long it takes to rehydrate a meal to what the shelf life is for each product, you can find it all here!

When will you have X back in stock?

  • Our kitchen crew is working daily to keep all our products in stock! 

    If you would like to be notified when a product is back in stock, head to that product page and choose the “Email when back in stock” option beneath the product image!

Do you offer a military or first responder discount?

  • We are happy to provide our Military members and first responders with a special discount. Please send a photo of your current Military or first responder ID to wecare@heatherschoice.com and we will reply with the discount code for you to use on your future orders!

Can I eat your products after the expiration date?

  • Our breakfasts and Packaroons have been lab tested for a 1-year shelf life. Our dinners have been tested to a shelf life of 2 years. We choose not to use additives or preservatives in our products. Because of this choice, the best-by date is when we can expect our products to be the freshest. We cannot suggest any of our products be consumed after their tested date. 

Do your products comply with California Proposition 65?

Do you ship outside of the US?

  • At this time we are only shipping to the United States and Canada. We hope to offer our products internationally in the future!

Where can I buy Heather’s Choice products? 

    • You can purchase Heather’s Choice products directly from our website! If you cannot find what you are looking for we also have products at select REI and Sportsman’s Warehouse doors. 

      Be sure to check out our Store Locator to find Heather’s Choice retailers near you!

      If there is a location you would love to see Heather’s Choice, send us an email to wecare@heatherschoice.com and let us know!

What sales are happening right now? 

  • We have sales happening on special occasions. If now is one of those times, you will see the discount code in the top banner of our website! If your code is not working feel free to give us a call at 907-268-1147 or send us an email at wecare@heatherschoice.com

How long will it take for my order to ship?

  • We strive to ship orders within 2-3 days, we are experiencing a sudden increase in orders due to our appearance on Shark Tank and are working to ship all orders as quickly as we can! Most of our orders ship USPS Priority 3 day mail and arrive within 5-7 days. 
  • Weather and federal holidays have caused rare delays. 

Why dehydrated food?

  • Dehydrated food can weigh nearly 1/10th of the original product. When traveling extended distances, weight matters! Each of our meals weigh 4 ounces and are approximately 600 calories. 

How do I rehydrate my meals?

  • Simply add boiling water to water line on the bag, give it a good stir, and top off the water! We know how important it is to reduce weight in the backcountry, so we’ve created recipes that only require hot water. 

    Let the dinners sit for 20 minutes, the breakfasts for 5, and enjoy!

    This cuts down on clean up and mess at camp, compared to meals that require cooking. 

What do you use for packaging?

  • We use foil lined stand up pouches that hold hot water. You might notice that our packaging is quite small compared to other options. 

    It is our intention to reduce bulk in you pack. Our bags are less than 7-inches tall, so you can stir the bottom of the bag without the need to stick your hand in the bag!

Is each pouch one serving?

  • Yes! This will fill one hungry person (or two small) appetites! We recommend reserving your caloric needs before determining how many meals to purchase. Remember, these meals are higher in calories because they’ve been created to be consumed in the backcountry!

How much water is needed for each pouch?

  • Start with 4-ounces of water for the breakfasts and 10 ounces for the dinners. After that, add more to reach the desired consistency. 

How much protein is in each meal?

  • A LOT! We aim for  6-ounces of protein per meal. In the backcountry, it’s easy to get a lot of carbohydrate calories, but protein is a little harder. 

    Protein is our favorite macronutrient because it’s very satisfying (you will feel comfortably full after our meals) and it’s critical for muscular repair, growth, and maintenance.

    Eating our meals will help you ensure that you’re getting enough high quality protein each day, which will help with your recovery, energy levels, cognition and stamina. 

How many calories are in each meal? 

  • Our breakfasts contain more than 400 calories, and our dinners range from 450-600. If you need more calories than that, we recommend having packaroons for dessert! This will add an additional 320 calories to your meal. 

Where is it made?

  • Our fully dedicated kitchen is in Anchorage, Alaska!

    625 W. 59th Ave, Unit J
    Anchorage, AK 99518

    We would love for you to pay us a visit!

Who is Heather’s Choice for?

  • While Heather’s Choice products are made with the backcountry athlete in mind, these meals are good enough to eat in the front country as well! If you appreciate good quality food, have food allergies, or simply want convenient, shelf stable food to bring while traveling or on busy days, our meals are a GREAT option!

Didn't find what you were looking for? You can always send us an email or give us a call!

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