fuel your team with heather's choice

Elevate Your Corporate Wellness Program with Nutrient-Packed Meals and Snacks

Welcome to a new era of workplace wellness! At Heather's Choice, we understand that a well-fed team is a high-performing team. Say goodbye to lackluster office snacks and hello to a menu that nourishes both body and mind.

Why Choose Heather's Choice?

1. Nutrient-Dense, Flavor-Packed Meals

Heather's Choice meals are crafted with care, blending wholesome ingredients to create delicious, nutritionally balanced options. Fuel your team with meals that boost energy, enhance focus, and support overall well-being.

2. Convenience Redefined

Busy workdays call for convenient solutions. Our ready-to-eat meals and snacks are designed to save time without compromising on quality. Just heat, eat, and get back to conquering the day.

3. Dietary Diversity

Catering to various dietary preferences and needs, Heather's Choice offers a diverse menu with options for paleo, gluten-free, and other dietary lifestyles. Your team deserves choices that accommodate their individual tastes and nutritional requirements.

4. Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

We believe in responsible sourcing. Our ingredients are thoughtfully chosen to not only benefit your team but also support sustainable and ethical practices.

5. Boost Employee Well-Being

Show your employees you care about their health and happiness. Providing nourishing meals fosters a positive workplace culture, enhancing team morale and productivity.

how it works

  1. Browse Our Menu: Start by exploring our menu of diverse meals and snacks. We have option for various dietary preferences. Including gluten-free, dairy-free, and tree nut-free options ensuring there's something for everyone on your team.
  2. Contact Our Sales Team: Ready to elevate your workplace wellness program? Reach out to our sales team so they can help curated an order that perfectly aligns with your team's needs. Benefit from exclusive corporate discounts and personalized assistance to make the ordering process seamless.
  3. Effortless Delivery: Once your order is curated, enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery. Our goal is to keep your team fueled and focused with minimal effort on your end.