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An Alaskan On Shark Tank

Blood Origins Podcast

Backcountry and Frontcountry in the Shark Tank

Tarin It Up Podcast

Eating Psychology, Entrepreneurship, and the Evolution of Heather's Choice

The Handshake Podcast

Hear about Heather's Shark Tank experience

Heather's Choice Heather Kelly Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Watch Heather swim with the Sharks. 

Outdoor Minimalists

How to build a healthy relationship with food (on or off the trail).
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The best and worst backpacking food ranked

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CNN Underscored

The 27 best best backpacking food ideas for hiking and camping

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Condé Nast Traveler

The best backpacking food: What seasoned adventures pack for breakfast, dinner, snacks and more

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Fresh Off The Grid

Backpacking Food Ideas

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AK Biz Magazine

Off the Cuff Heather Kelly

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Switchback travel

Best backpacking meals of 2023

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Men's Journal

The best freeze-dried camping meals for the trail

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Anchorage Daily News

These 4 businesses are making trail friendly snacks fit for your next outdoor adventure

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Soul Summit Podcast

Personal Growth and Business Acceleration with Heather Kelly

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Built on Passion

Heather's Choice - Backpacking Meals Made For Adventure

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The Hunter's Quest Podcast

How to Fuel Holistically with Heather Kelly

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Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Podcast

North American Board Member and Heather's Choice Founder, Heather Kelly

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Hunt Harvest Health

Being a Good Person Creates Good Business: The Founders Series with Heather Kelly

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Harvest Holliday Podcast

Heather Kelly - Becoming an Entrepreneur

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The Trek

The best backpacking meals of 2021

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Dissecting Success

The Epically Bumpy Ride with Heather Kelly

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Wilderness Athlete Podcast

Taking a Month Off of Work with Heather Kelly

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Adventure Hunting from East to West

Backcountry Nutrition and Building a Business with Heather Kelly

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Gritty Podcast

Killer Food At Home and in the Backcountry

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Heather's Choice Packaroons and Dehydrated meals

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Western Hunter

Heather Kelly and Brad Hurd of Heather's Choice

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Rookie Hunter

Heather Kelly

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Built To Hunt

Heather's Choice Dehydrated Meals with Heather Kelly

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Soul Summit Podcast

Mindset Matters with Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice

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Outside magainze

The 5 lightest, tastiest backpacking meals you can buy

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Hunt Harvest Health

The Psychology of Food, Addictions and Solo Hiking the Grand Canyon with Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice

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Shoot'n The Bull

Heather Kelly & Ty on Bison, getting involved and conservation

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The ElkShape Podcast

Interview with Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice

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Deer Hunter

Living a Backcountry Lifestyle with Heather Kelly

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The Hunt Backcountry Podcast

Fix Your Food with Heather Kelly

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Beyond the Kill

Following Your Passion into the Outdoors Industry with Heather Kelly

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The Adventure Sports Podcast

25 Day Rafting Trip Through The Grand Canyon with Heather Kelly

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Gritty Podcast

All About Backcountry Food with Heather's Choice

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Beyond the Kill

Backcountry Nutrition and Perfomance with Heather Kelly

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Jay Scott Outdoors - Western Hunting & Fishing

Meals for Adventuring and Backcountry with Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice

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Journal of Mountain Hunting

An interview with Heather Kelly, founder of Heather's Choice