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Nourishing, delicious, and convenient – whether you're scaling peaks or tackling your daily routine.

Welcome To Heather's Choice

Where We believe that life is full of adventures

That’s why we make lightweight, packable meals and snacks that you can take with you anywhere in the world. Made with wholesome, quality ingredients, our products will leave you feeling energized, satiated, and ready for what’s over the horizon.

Our Journey Begins


"When I started Heather’s Choice in the summer of 2014 with nothing but a few table top dehydrators and a hand drawn logo, my goal was simple; I wanted to put the same healthy food I would eat at home in people’s packs."



Our Nutritional Philosophy

Fueling Your Journey, Every Step of the Way

We believe that nourishment is the foundation of every adventure, be it scaling a rugged mountain or navigating the hustle of daily life. Our philosophy is simple: provide healthy, tasty, life-ready meals and snacks that don't just feed you but fuel your journey in every sense.

We understand that the best adventures start with the best ingredients. That's why we carefully select wholesome, quality ingredients for our meals. From wild-caught salmon to organic fruits and vegetables, our commitment to premium, natural food ensures you get the most nutritious and delicious fuel, no matter where your journey takes you.

What began as a vision to create lightweight, packable meals that could travel with adventurers anywhere in the world now extends beyond the backcountry. Heather’s Choice meals are designed to fit effortlessly into your backpack as well as your daily routine, providing a convenient solution for nutritious eating, wherever you are.