Backcountry Breakfasts Just Add Water Heather's Choice Meals for Adventuring

Backcountry Breakfasts

Our just add water breakfasts are the perfect companion for any backcountry trip, or busy mornings for that matter. Simply add six ounces of boiling water to the bag, wait five minutes, and you have a healthy, hearty breakfast to get you out of bed in the morning.

Our signature buckwheat breakfast blends are great for adventurers looking for a grain-free and dairy-free option. Our customers love how these meals settle well on their stomach, and provide them with good quality fats from hemp, chia seeds and coconut for sustained energy.

New to the adventure menu is gluten-free oatmeal and muesli, made with organic rolled oats and whole milk powder. This isn't your standard oatmeal packet fare; our oatmeal blends were made to be loaded with good calories, and delicious enough to enjoy at home. You'll be stocking these in your pantry and with your camping gear.

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