What I Didn't Expect Working at Heather's Choice

What I Didn't Expect Working at Heather's Choice

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When I started as a production assistant with Heather’s Choice, it was only supposed to be a temporary, part-time gig. 

I was looking for a way to make ends meet while waiting for my other job to start back up again. What I found was a completely new (better) career, a new & diverse set of skills, and a group of people I enjoy being around (literally all of them). 

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I applied to be a production assistant at Heather’s Choice. What I found has rocked my world since the beginning. 

A few things I didn’t expect when joining the Heather’s Choice team: 

  1. I didn’t expect to learn new skills every week. Still, after almost 2 years of working here, I find myself with a new skill set constantly. 
  2. I didn’t expect my position to quickly & continually evolve to best use my strengths and skill set. I had the opportunity to take on more responsibilities a couple of months after joining the team. 
  3. I didn’t expect to completely change my career path. I would have never in a million years left my previous job. It was everything I had ever wanted. Then Heather’s Choice knocked on my door and changed everything, for the better. 
  4. I didn’t expect the leadership team to be so transparent about every aspect of the business. The whole staff has pride in this business because we know how important every person and position is to our ultimate success. 
  5. I didn’t expect to get along with everyone (literally every person - no joke). I truly enjoy hanging out and being with every staff member, during work or outside of working hours. 

But wait...there's more!

  1. I didn’t expect the leadership team to be so humble, willing to listen, learn, and be open to new ways of doing things in all areas of the business. 
  2. I didn’t expect the leadership team to actively seek and implement suggestions from all staff members. Whether a staff member has been here two years or two weeks, everyone’s suggestions are heard and acted upon if it makes the job better and more efficient. 
  3. I didn’t expect the field trips of touring local manufacturing businesses in town. These have fostered community relations, and expanded out ways of business. We just like touring all the food places for snacks and samples ;)  
  4. I didn’t expect the rad celebrations we have regularly! From the epic Solstice Retreat, to the Crazy Christmas Party, and all the small monthly celebrations in between… We know how to have fun! Did I mention, I actually like these people?

Clearly coming in as a production assistant and expecting to stay temporarily was a short lived stint. 

What I have, and continue to gain, since joining the Heather’s Choice team has far surpassed all expectations and catapulted me into a community that continues to challenge and support me career-wise, while cheering for me in all my personal endevors.

Best decision I ever made. 

If you're ready to join this rad group, check out our careers page for more information!

Brooke is a born and raised Arizonan. That is until 2013 when Alaska stole her heart and soul! Not only did Alaska give her the freedom, space and community to be herself - she also met her soulmates in both human and dog form.

When she is not running around the Heather’s Choice HQ, Brooke enjoys summiting Alaskan peaks, extended camping trips, and making a mess in the kitchen.

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