Why Grass-Fed Matters | Ingredient Highlight

Why Grass-Fed Matters | Ingredient Highlight

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Responsibly sourced ingredients have always been an important part of the Heather’s Choice mission. Central to this goal is our commitment to grass-fed, wild caught, or organic proteins. In all honesty, this is one of the things that enticed me (Abby) to work here.

As a college student in an environmental studies program, I had the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about land, energy, and water systems in Costa Rica. Even with the abundance of excitement that comes during a 20 year-old’s first time out of their home country, I also managed to get some learning done. 


It was my first introduction to entirely grass-fed beef and a rotational grazing system. This was a pivotal moment for my young, vegetarian brain. Could I eat beef in a responsible way?

Grass-fed animals graze on natural grasses, then return the nutrients back to the earth in the form of waste. This promotes biodiversity and enhances soil quality.

Here at Heather's Choice, we source our grass-fed proteins from The Honest Bison, where they also avoid any “chemically-enhanced farming practices” which helps prevent harmful substances from entering our food and water systems. 

From a nutrition standpoint, grass-fed is superior to conventionally raised meat as it contains better ratios of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, more antioxidants, important vitamins, and is typically leaner than non-grass-fed animal proteins.

Overall, regenerative farming practices have been shown to increase soil health and nutrient density compared to conventional farming. These findings are important not just for grass-fed proteins, but produce too. Which is also near and dear to my heart after a fellowship where I managed the University of Michigan’s Campus Farm.

It's important to know where our food is coming from so we can make informed buying choices. Maybe the next time you're at the grocery store you can check out the grass-fed section! Or see if they carry any local produce. Farmer's market are also a great (and my favorite) way to connect with local farmers and buy their products. If you're in Anchorage you may see a familiar face there!

Abby is the Heather’s Choice Customer Service Expert and provides sales support. She made the long drive from Michigan (twice) back in 2022 to make Alaska her new home. She has a strong love for food and a background in organic vegetable farming. Outside of the office you can find her climbing or doing yoga at the local rock gym, hiking in Alaska’s wilderness, or reading.




*Photo 3 and cover photo sourced from https://thehonestbison.com/ of Richards Regenerative in California.

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Donna Karjala

Donna Karjala

You Lady’s are amazing

You Lady’s are amazing

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