Winter Wellness Routines

Winter Wellness Routines

Hi there! Brooke and Abby here! We’re the customer service, sales, and marketing duo at Heather's Choice.

It’s that time of year when the seasons change and we start to think about taking extra care of ourselves. 

Up here in Alaska the sunlight is quickly diminishing and we are currently losing ~6 minutes of daylight a day! Yikes!

With this in mind we are starting to get back into our winter routines which include mental and physical wellness. Here's how we adjust from our summer to winter routines to stay sane during the cold, dark, winter. 

  • Getting outside and out of town. It’s amazing what just a 30 minute drive outside of Anchorage can do! Being surrounded by concrete buildings and the constant hustle and bustle can be draining. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by the vast Alaska wilderness with such easy access. Alaska has a plethora of public use cabins that we love to take advantage of. 
  • Increased vitamin intake. We both strive to up our vitamin intake during these colder months. We like to include a multivitamin (pick your favorite), magnesium (this one is a personal favorite), and of course, vitamin D. 

  • Limiting artificial lighting. Our office has very dim, soft white string lights to avoid using the overhead light during the mornings. Candles are an excellent alternative around the house. The Heather’s Choice team is even doing a candle pouring night in a couple weeks! 
  • Taking extra care before and after shower time. Using a dry brush before to exfoliate the top layer of skin, then following up after with extra hydrating lotion, or body butter. My favorite is the Midnight Bloom Body Butter by AK Waterbody. Her soap is also incredible and made right in Wrangell, Alaska. 

  • Connecting with community. Heather’s Choice has been hosting a staff book club for the past 3 years. It’s a great way for all of us to take an hour out of our busy weeks and connect, share experiences, and learn more about each other. We are just starting a new book called How To Be A Good Creature, by Sy Montgomery. 
  • Eating for the season. It’s soup season! We are both subscribed to a locally sourced produce box. This is a great way to not only support small farms and businesses but also eat nutrient dense foods that are best during this chilly season. Traveling is also a part of our winter activities. With both our families living out of state it can be hard to eat well on the go. To make things easy and avoid suspicious airport food, we both make sure to pack our favorite Heather’s Choice meals and snacks for those in between times at the airport, especially with our dietary preferences and allergies. The Swiss Style Muesli with Milk is a go-to breakfast. With African Peanut Stew being our must pack for a quick, easy, just-add-hot water lunch or dinner during layovers! Can't forget to follow it up with a Packaroon flavor of choice. 

Winter wellness is especially important to us with the limited amount of daylight we get up here in Anchorage. We'd love to hear your favorite routines during winter! Give us a shout at to let us know what you think we should incorporate into ours.

We hope you have a restful and joyful winter season. 

Brooke & Abby

Brooke is the Heather's Choice Sales & Marketing Coordinator. She is a born and raised Arizonan. That is until 2013 when Alaska stole her heart and soul! Not only did Alaska give her the freedom, space and community to be herself - she also met her soulmates in both human and dog form. When she is not running around the Heather’s Choice HQ, Brooke enjoys summiting Alaskan peaks, extended camping trips, and making a mess in the kitchen.

  Abby is the Heather’s Choice Customer Service Expert and provides sales support. She made the long drive from Michigan (twice) back in 2022 to make Alaska her new home. She has a strong love for food and a background in organic vegetable farming.Outside of the office you can find her climbing or doing yoga at the local rock gym, hiking in Alaska’s wilderness, or reading.

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