Our Favorite Travel Essentials

Our Favorite Travel Essentials

It’s the busiest time of year for travel. Whether that’s by plane, train, or automobile! As a native Arizonian, I enjoy spending my holidays in a more desert-y climate.

When I was younger, I always dreamt of a snowy Christmas. My family tried to make it happen one year by visiting family in Washington, but not a single snowflake fell during our visit. 

Now I've realized it doesn’t feel like the holiday season unless I’m down south. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to thaw out from the harsh Alaskan winter. 

All that to say, I’ll be one of the many millions of people visiting the airport this time of year, as I migrate to the desert for a couple of weeks!

Arizona Cactus

After being in Alaska for 10 years, I feel like I’ve perfected my travel-must-haves. These are the things I’ll always have in my bag, that make traveling a more enjoyable experience. 

First up, antibacterial wipes. Perfect for almost any situation. I appreciate having these on hand to wipe down my seat belt and tray table on the airplane. I’ve saved a couple seat neighbors after a spillage situation and ever since I keep these in my travel bag. 

A bandana! Bandanas are so multi-purpose. They can be a headband, a scarf, and a hanky when needed. My favorite brand is Bandits Bandanas. Many of their bandanas are prints from artists whose proceeds support a wide range of causes. I like to add a couple drops of my favorite essential oils to a bandana and wear is as a scarf while traveling. 

Snow topped mountains

Which brings me to my next item, oils! I have at least one in my bag during travel. Typically a calming blend or light floral scent like lavender or patchouli. 

A travel bag is never complete without snacks. Packaroons are a no-brainer. This time of year I like to bring a Variety Pack of Seasonal Packaroons for the flight attendants, and for whoever picks us up from the airport! As I mentioned, getting anywhere from Alaska is a journey, so along with Packaroons I make sure to pack a Heather’s Choice breakfast. It’s always a toss up between Morning Glory Oatmeal or Banana Nutmeg Buckwheat Breakfast. I’ve always been able to find hot water to rehydrate the meal, but I know I can cold soak the breakfast in case of emergency.

I started carrying this one just last holiday season and have never traveled without it since. Beekeepers Naturals Propolis Spray is a great tool to support my immune system during sick season. Fun fact, bees use propolis to line the walls of their hive to keep germs out!

A good ol’ fashion audiobook, podcast, and/or puzzles. A favorite airplane activity of mine is podcasts and sudoku. I have spent many hours in the air doing just that. Don’t forget your headphones for this one!

Finally, a water bottle with hydration packets. Heather gifted me this water bottle on one of our trips to a tradeshow and it’s been my travel bottle ever since! You’ll rarely find me without an LMNT salt packet in my bag at all times, but especially when traveling. My favorite flavors, at the moment, are citrus and raspberry. 

I don't like to carry a lot when traveling. I like to keep it minimal to avoid a bulky bag. 

Is there anything I missed that you always have in your travel bag? I can’t wait to find some new items to add to mine!

Safe travels this holiday season!


Brooke is the Heather's Choice Sales & Marketing Coordinator. She is a born and raised Arizonan. That is until 2013 when Alaska stole her heart and soul! Not only did Alaska give her the freedom, space and community to be herself - she also met her soulmates in both human and dog form.

When she is not running around the Heather’s Choice HQ, Brooke enjoys summiting Alaskan peaks, extended camping trips, and making a mess in the kitchen.

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