Why we're eating grass-fed beef to support the planet

Why we're eating grass-fed beef to support the planet

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This feels a little controversial...but I'm going to put on my radical nutritionist/homesteader/business owner hat and give you something to chew on.

When talking about saving the planet, most people likely don't think of cows as the silver bullet.

However, here is why I am personally excited to be eating grass-fed beef in support of our planet.

Grass-fed beef shepherd's pie

As a professional nutritionist, I can guess 9 times out of 10 that someone who is having a hard time getting the body they want, controlling their appetite and cravings, or recovering from their workouts, is likely not eating enough protein. Again, sounds like a sales pitch, but until you ACTUALLY try eating one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight from whole food sources, you may not realize just how powerful it is to get enough protein on the daily.

So yes, I'm going to say it...I think that most people would improve their health (and therefore be happier) by increasing the amount of protein in their diet, preferably from sustainably sourced animal protein. 

Grass-Fed Bison Chili

Now, what does this have to do with the planet?

If you have ever built a garden, you have likely found yourself scrounging for chicken manure, horse manure, cow poop, fish meal, etc. These really nutrient dense amendments make your soil healthier and your garden more vibrant.

As we look at ways to restore soil health on a global scale, the answer is not simply to eat more vegetables and eat less red meat. In fact, I believe it's quite the opposite.

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of the world's agricultural land is ill-suited for growing crops?

Grass-Fed Bison Chili

But you know what can be raised on these lands that provides healthy, delicious, nourishing food?


That's right, these critters actually have a net positive benefit on the land when they are intentionally raised using rotational grazing practices and proper land management. Who would have thought that manure would be the thing to save the planet?

If all of this sounds totally nutty, I encourage you to spend $.99 this evening and give Scared Cow a watch. It's a beautifully done documentary about the benefits that animal raising has on the world's agricultural land, and how this can be a key piece of the puzzle for restoring soil health and carbon sequestering on the planet.

Grass-Fed Beef Spaghetti

So what the heck does all of this have to do with Heather's Choice?

As a business owner, I am confronted daily with the reality of cost of goods sold, cash flow management, supply chain hiccups, and so much more. It's a real good time ;)

Despite the immense pressure that is on our business all the time to cut corners, make things for cheaper, and water down (pun intended) our products to make them more economical...

I cannot get past the fact that our best-selling products year after year, month after month are the meals that contain premium, sustainably sourced proteins. That's right; you are the ones voting with your dollars and consistently buying our Grass-Fed Bison Chili, Grass-Fed Beef Shepherd's Pie and Grass-Fed Beef Spaghetti with Marinara. It blows my mind that these are our most expensive meals, but the ones that you all consistently reach for. And...it makes me proud! I believe wholeheartedly in the role that responsibly raised proteins play in our overall health and diet, but also, the amazing things these animals can do for the planet.

Grass-Fed Beef Shepherd's Pie

I encourage you to take a moment to think about where your food comes from and how it's raised. Are there any changes you can make to benefit not just your own health, but the health of the planet?

Personally, I know I can always do better, and I'm going to start by finding some chickens to add to our backyard this summer, starting a round of seeds for the garden, and spending more on 100% grass-fed beef to toss on the barbecue.

I hope this email was thought provoking and encourages you to have a positive impact on the planet by simply taking a look at what you eat every day.



P.S. If you found this helpful/interesting/infuriating, let me know! I don't spend enough time talking about healthy food systems and human nutrition, so drop us a line if you want to hear more!

Heather Kelly is the founder and CEO of Heather’s Choice. She was an NCAA National Champion and CRCA/Pocock All-American in women’s rowing, and hold a degree in evolutionary nutrition. Heather is also a certified eating psychology coach and has coached hundreds of athletes on developing a nutrition plan for optional performance and a healthy, satisfying relationship with food.


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