Heather's Choice 2024 Summer Solstice Retreat

Heather's Choice 2024 Summer Solstice Retreat

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Every year around the Summer Solstice, the Heather’s Choice team clocks out of work early on a Friday to spend the weekend camping.

This year, we headed north towards Wolverine Lake. We all arrived Friday afternoon, picked our tent spots and wasted no time diving into weekend activities.

With absolutely perfect weather, 70° and sunny, the paddle boards, canoes, and packrafts were on the lake in no time.

Czech German Shepherd lounging in packraft on Alaska lake

Heather & Jango floating around the lake in an Alpacka Raft

After a late night around the fire, we all emerged from our tents the next morning to fresh coffee and a “Choose Your Own Adventure” day. Some headed straight for the water, others canoed across the lake and set out for a seven mile hike, while the rest opted for naps on the dock. 

As a food company, you can imagine we are serious about what we eat. This camping trip was no different. Dinner included brisket, collard greens, corn on the cob, and of course dutch oven peach cobbler. No details were spared.

Grocery cart packed for a full group camping weekend

What it takes to feed 12 people for 3 days!

The final morning greeted us with another full day of sunshine, hot coffee, and a leisurely pack out. Sunday brunch included a spread of blueberry pancakes, eggs, sausage, the works!

This annual camping trip always proves to be more than just a getaway - it’s a time for us to disconnect from reality, recharge, and celebrate some major accomplishments from the first half of the year. This trip was no different.

Sunday brunch plate of eggs, blueberry pancakes, and sausage

Sunday brunch before pack-out!

While the team was checked out for the weekend, we celebrated the first re-air of our Shark Tank episode.

Leading up to this we spent the previous week ensuring our website was in top shape and making plans for pre-orders, knowing this time of year is our busiest season.

We returned to civilization with renewed energy, a bit sun-kissed, and with plenty of shared experiences to tell for years to come.

Here’s to another successful Heather’s Choice Summer Solstice Retreat. We’re already looking forward to next year’s.




Heather Kelly is the founder and CEO of Heather’s Choice. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her boyfriend and business partner Brad, along with their dog Jango. You can likely find her playing with food, building her urban homestead, or rafting rivers in her spare time.

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