Packaroon Cake Pops | Better than Starbucks

Packaroon Cake Pops | Better than Starbucks

If you are new to the Heather’s Choice world, let me first introduce you to the Packaroon. 

Snickerdoodle stacked Packaroons

Packaroon (noun) pack.a.roon

Definition | 

  1. A coconut cookie for your backpack
  2. A delicious, dense, gluten-free macaroon to be enjoyed anytime of day
  3. Butt saver in the times when you need a quick hit of calories

While all eight Packaroons flavors are delicious by themselves, we decide to dress them up with different pairing of chocolate. 

Simply because we can!

Chocolate Covered Packaroons

It’s coconut and chocolate - a match made in heaven and incredibly hard to mess up. 

Even just a basic Sweet Coconut Packaroon and dark chocolate could make my mouth water. Now throw in a Blueberry Almond Packaroon with white chocolate and now we have reached a whole new street in delicious town. 

Chocolate covered Packaroons and Packaroon being covered in white chocolate

Here are some of our favorite chocolate pairing for each Packaroon® flavor. 

White Mocha - Black Espresso Packaroon + white chocolate + drizzled semi sweet chocolate 

White Chocolate Blueberry - Blueberry Almond Packaroon + white chocolate.

Cherry Garcia - Cherry Almond Packaroon + semi sweet chocolate + drizzle of white chocolate 

Flower Pop - Lemon Lavender Packaroon +  white chocolate + a sprinkle of dried rose petals

Peppermint Bark - Mint Chocolate Packaroon + white chocolate + sprinkled crushed peppermint candies

Chocolate Sunshine - Orange Vanilla Packaroon + dark chocolate. Just like the chocolate oranges!

Chocolate Covered Snickerdoodle - Snickerdoodle Packaroon + drizzle of semi sweet & white chocolate 

Coconut Dream - Sweet Coconut Packaroon + your choice of chocolate + any topping you can think of. It’s a dream come true! Crushed almonds, pecans, graham crackers, or rainbow sprinkles, the list goes on!

The possibilities are truly endless with these eight Packaroon flavor. 

Now that we have our creative juices flowing and our taste buds watering, lets learn how to make these Packaroon Pops come to life!

White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate covered alternating Packaroons

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Your favorite 10-pack of Packaroons. Or a Variety Pack if you want to try multiple flavors!
  • 8 oz bag of chocolate. Whatever you fancy, dark, semi sweet, milk, or white chocolate, it’s all good! Gather ‘em up and lets get dunkin! 
  • A way to melt your chocolate. I recommend in a glass bowl over boiling water, but you can easily use the microwave! Word to the wise, take caution when microwaving white chocolate… It separates very easily. Speaking from experience. Whoops!
  • Some kind of skewers
  • All your favorite toppings! Our favorites include: rainbow sprinkles, crushed almonds.

Heather's Choice Chocolate Covered Packaroons Cake Pops Gluten-Free


  1. If using wooden skewers, I like to soak mine in water for at least 5 minutes before puncturing my Packaroons and avoid splintering as much as possible. 
  2. While skewers are soaking, gather the rest of your ingredients and materials. 
  3. I like to get my Packaroons skewered before melting my chocolate. Then all my focus can be on executing the perfect dunk!
  4. Once all my Packaroons are ready for a swim, I melt my chocolate. If using the microwave, 20-30 second increments seem to work best, but watch carefully!
  5. When the chocolate is fully melted, coat each Packaroon with your desired amount of chocolate. 
  6. If adding toppings, best to add them after coating all the Packaroons. 
  7. If drizzling a different chocolate on top, place your Packaroons Pops in the fridge for a couple minutes while melting your second chocolate. 
  8. Once your second chocolate is melted, take the pops out of the fridge and drizzle to your hearts content! A rubber spatula or simple spoon work great for this job. 
  9. Once you've topped the Packaroon Pops to perfection, place them back in the fridge for at least 20 minutes!
  10. Now the fun part… EAT! When the chocolate has set, no need to wait any longer! Enjoy!


Brooke is a born and raised Arizonan. That is until 2013 when Alaska stole her heart and soul! Not only did Alaska give her the freedom, space and community to be herself - she also met her soulmates in both human and dog form.

When she is not running around the Heather’s Choice HQ, Brooke enjoys summiting Alaskan peaks, extended camping trips, and making a mess in the kitchen.

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