Heather's Choice Joins The Conservation Alliance

Heather's Choice Joins The Conservation Alliance

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We're proud to announce that Heather's Choice has become the first Alaskan company to join The Conservation Alliance!

The Conservation Alliance is a coalition of more than 270 like-minded businesses who pool resources to fund and advocate for the protection of North America’s wild places. Since 1989, the Alliance has helped protect 73 million acres of wildlands and 3,580 river miles, remove or halt 37 dams, purchase 21 climbing areas, and designate five marine reserves. To date, they’ve awarded more than $27,370,000 in grants to 274 organizations and they’re just getting started.

Heather's Choice Alaskan Company Joins The Conservation Alliance

Photo Credit: Uncage the Soul

As outdoor adventure athletes, we have a duty to help protect wild landscapes. If you get outside and enjoy hiking, skiing, boating, hunting or fishing, then getting involved in local conservation efforts is in your best interest.

At Heather's Choice, we know how much the great outdoors means to us. It means taking a break from our day to day lives. It means being in awe of the landscape, the flora and fauna, and how hard we can push our bodies. It means getting to harvest wild food that feeds us all year round. The backcountry is where we learn what we're truly capable of, how to work well with others, and how to keep ourselves safe in uncertain situations.

Heather's Choice Joins the Conservation Alliance Photo Credit Wexas Travel

Photo Credit: Wexas Travel

As a new member of The Conservation Alliance, we're excited to invest our hard earned dollars into an organization that is committed to deploying capital resources to organizations who need our support. To date, The Conservation Alliance has contributed to protecting areas in our big backyard that include Bristol Bay, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the Tongass National Forest. Depending on your level of familiarity with conservation work, you might not have known that there is a group of dedicated people and businesses who actively work to preserve the wild places you love so much. We're grateful and excited to participate in these efforts, and to support the people who go to bat for us tirelessly.

Heather's Choice Becomes First Alaskan Company to Join the Conservation Alliance

Photo Credit: Uncage the Soul

You can learn more about The Conservation Alliance and find ways to get involved by visiting them online.

We look forward to sharing more about the grants we nominate, the conservation efforts that we help to fund, and action we can take as individuals to help protect our public lands.

Heather Kelly is the founder and CEO of Heather’s Choice. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska with her boyfriend and business partner Brad, along with their dog Jango. You can likely find her playing with food, building her urban homestead, or rafting rivers in her spare time.

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