The Story Behind the Arctic Fox // Adaptable. Cunning. Scrappy. Alaskan.
Heather's Choice Logo Arctic Fox Alaska Cunning Scrappy Alaskan
I was sitting on an airplane, headed to Arizona for a river trip down the Colorado River. Casually, I started to dream up a new icon for Heather's Choice. I looked over lists of Alaskan animals...caribou, bears, ravens, muskox, moose were all options. I landed on the idea of the arctic fox. A cunning, mysterious creature that is as elusive as it is beautiful.
I drew the first renditions of the arctic fox pouncing in front of the midnight sun on the back of bar napkins, in my journal, on watercolor paper, the idea continued to percolate for close to a year. After much deliberation, we hired a professional designer to bring the arctic fox to life for our brand, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
Despite whatever setbacks or challenges have come our way in the history of Heather's Choice, we've persevered. One of our core values has always been tenacity...we simply keep putting one foot in front of the other. This is how I imagined the arctic fox; tenacious, scrappy, a true survivor. We're not the biggest critter in the animal kingdom, but we know how to feed ourselves.
The new Heather's Choice icon is not only a testament to who we are as a business, it also represents our customers. The people who buy our meals and snacks for their backcountry trips are smart, adventurous, self-sufficient people who crave time in the wilderness. I hope the arctic fox serves as a reminder to you; you're capable, clever, and spry!
I look forward to seeing the Heather's Choice fox making an appearance in backpacks across the globe.
Fox icon by @eliascarlson and illustration by the ever talented @trailboundsketches