What do you buy the guy who has everything?

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Today, I'd like to introduce you to our friend Casey. He's "that guy". You know; the one who is impossible to shop for...

Photo by 60th Parallel Adventures

Casey is a passionate backcountry hunter. He's been hunting for as long as he can remember, and he spends all year dreaming of September. He loves a little bit of suffering, and has freezers full of quality game meat to show for it. You definitely want to be at his house for holiday dinners!

Casey leaves nothing to chance...he's spent years researching and investing in the equipment he decides to carry; and he's not afraid to spend his hard earned money on the good stuff. His tent cost more than your monthly mortgage payment, and he DEFINITELY can't give his girlfriend a hard time about what she spends on footwear!

Photo by 60th Parallel Adventures

You likely know someone just like Casey. He's the guy who can't wait to get out in the field for his next backcountry trip, and likely already has "EVERYTHING" he needs to head out on another adventure at a moments notice. 

You want to get Casey something he'll be excited about this year, but what? What can you afford that he could actually use in his pack? What could possibly be this year's secret key to Casey's heart?

Photo by 60th Parallel Adventures

GOOD FOOD! That's right. Whenever in doubt, you can always put a smile on his face with a box of healthy, delicious food he can take on his next epic adventure. 

Why not give Casey something he REALLY wants this holiday season? ;)

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