How to Survive Trade Show Season

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When we think of dehydrated food we routinely envision ourselves deep in the backcountry and far from civil comforts. It’s just not fitting to think of eating a meal out of a bag when you’re surrounded by thousands of people and in an expo hall full of concession stands. Well, my friends, welcome to the insanity that is… “Show Season”.

My brain is a bit in the fog as I try to capture these notes. In the two weeks we spent at Sheep Show and Western Hunting & Conservation Expo, I met too many people and shared too many laughs to ever recall them all. What I do know is that show season requires its own preparation and training regimen just like all our backcountry hobbies do.

I’m a total hunting nut-job so these shows are an opportunity to interact with thousands of my tribesman. As such, I got so preoccupied with re-connecting with acquaintances and networking with new ones that I would routinely forget to eat. Heather and Brad were in similar circumstances. By the last day of Sheep Show, we were keen enough to enact a team strategy to protect our health. Heather - boss and team leader - set the alarm on her phone to go off in intervals to remind her to force us to take a 30-minute break to escape the madness of the floor. She’d make us a bag of food and instruct us to go hide in a corner somewhere while we devoured our chow. As a result, I survived; staved off illness; and I'm in a state of utter infatuation with Heather's new African Peanut Stew.

It definitely takes an army to carry a mission. As a team, we weren’t perfect. Sometimes the buzz and excitement of the event is just too much to allow us to keep focus and we wake the next day with a headache. But when we worked together and looked after one another, we became in-tune with the team and knew when it was time to remind someone to eat/hydrate, when someone needed a ‘Superman” from Wilderness Athlete, or when ‘hang-er” was imminent and that somebody needed a time-out.

I cannot convey how exciting it was to witness the crowd’s reaction to the products. All day long they devoured samples and hoarded away Packaroons. We sold every scrap of product that Brad sent down. Heather had so many requests for podcasts that she nearly required a personal assistant to keep track of her availability. The excitement was so invigorating that it took us each a day and half to recover from each show.

Witnessing the enthusiasm of the crowd has me confident that big things are ahead for Heather’s Choice and that she's gonna need a bigger boat. The smart and savvy people in the hunting/conservation community are ready for better food and staying close to Heather’s Choice to make sure they get it. More so, people are learning - as we did - that this food is priceless for on-the-go situations where healthy food just isn’t available – shows, airports, road trips, etc. Healthier food is getting into people’s bags, just like Heather dreamed of when she started this rodeo. 

Check out our best selling item from show season 

Dehydrated backpacking food; Dark Chocolate Chili

Dark Chocolate Chili continues to be a crowd favorite. This dehydrated meal was flying off the shelves at Wild Sheep Show and Western Hunt Expo! Who doesn't love chocolate and 100% grass-fed bison? Want to know what all of the raving is about? Click here to shop.

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  • Awesome products- I enjoyed Heather’s Choice at the Western Expo booth.

    Great to spend time with fun, cool people !

    Arnie Didier

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