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How has Heather’s Choice helped me reduce inflammation and pain

My unique story might not be that unusual...

I never thought I would be writing a page like this, but a person never knows where the trail will take them. I am hitting my mid-50’s; born, raised and lived my whole life in Western Washington. The youngest child in a World War II family.  Due to circumstances I ended up hurting myself while growing up. An injury to my right eye and a fall off a cliff on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, all before I was seven years old that resulted in limited vision and weakness of my left side.


I grew up big game hunting and learned to shoot left handed. I took my first deer while I was in the 7th grade and my first Elk while I was in the 8th grade and have been stomping around the Cascades and Olympics ever since.  I joined the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in 1989 and have volunteered at local banquets and for work parties on the Mt St Helens mudflow.

Fight the good fight

When I hit my mid-20’s I knew that something just was not right.  I started working on trying to help the imbalance on my left side. There was more going on than just bones and joints. I have been on a path ever since trying to figure out what the heck is going on. The condition just seemed to get worse over time and not better. In the past 30 years I have tried every type of medical help that is available.  Medical professionals, therapy of all sorts, chiro, orthopedic specialists, physical rehab and pain management to alternative forms including acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and forms of Qi-Gong; all without much success. Internal inflammation was off the charts, B.P was out of control, Auto-Immune conditions like Alopecia and Psoriasis. All the time trying to find relief.

Elk Season 2017

I had spent the Spring and Summer hiking into my secret spots, got my legs back in shape, and set my sights on a legal mule deer buck. I was able to get out during deer season a couple times, but I could not get a buck to come through in the daylight. While loading up the Friday night before Elk season I had the first of two heart attacks. Internal inflammation was off the charts.

Everything changed

Everything changed at that point. It took me six weeks to re-coup from the beating I took and by mid-December I was enrolled in Cardio Rehab. My diet completely changed, and I started walking a mile before work and as much as I could on the weekends, while working my way up to walking with a 15 pound pack. I finished the 36 session Cardio Rehab in 14 sessions. Internal inflammation was starting to be reduced.  I was able to volunteer for local RMEF banquets again.

Missing out

Since I did not get to go Elk hunting last Fall my new determination is to be the best Elk hunter that I can be. I have to get back up into the mountains! I pulled a Mountain House dinner out of my gear, saw it had over 4400 mg of sodium and tossed it. Unacceptable!  That led me to searching for quality backcountry food and right to Heather’s Choice.

What’s going on now

I “geeked” on everything I could find for Heather’s Choice on YouTube.  I have subconsciously removed most of the dairy from my diet and made even more positive changes on Heather’s suggestions. I got a couple Nesco dehydrators at an Estate sale and I’m having fun dialing in my backcountry hunting food while adding in Heather’s Choice products. Heather has sent some links and always has some great ideas that I have incorporated into my daily routine. The internal inflammation is greatly reduced and finally after 30 years I am finding relief.  I feel so much better!

Thank you Heather, Brad, Kayleen and the whole Heather’s Choice team!!!

-By Rick Valentine

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