• Recipe: Tropical Paradise Fruit Leather

    It's almost time to hit the trail! We're gearing up for spring adventures, which means we need more snacks! As we've been perfecting our fruit leather skills, we came up with one recipe that would be a huge hit! If you're new to using your dehydrator, or have some frozen fruit taking up space in your freezer, give this recipe a whirl this weekend!
    Tropical Paradise Fruit Leather
    3 frozen bananas
    1 pound frozen pineapple chunks
    1 pound frozen mango
    3 cups orange juice
    Put all of the ingredients together in a high powered blender. Blend until smooth like a thick applesauce. Spray a fruit leather sheet lightly with coconut oil, then pour the fruit smoothie onto the sheets. Dry at 135 degrees for 6 to 8 hours, until it easily peels from the tray. While it is still semi-warm, lay the dried the leather on parchment paper, then roll it up and tie with butcher twine. Fruit leathers will keep for weeks in a cool dark place, or can last for months in the freezer.
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