Recharging on the River

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Hunting is something that I am familiar with, and I love the benefits of being able to eat such clean meat.  My freezer has had a variety of meat in it including elk, deer, caribou, dall sheep, turkey, pheasant, duck, and goose.  I feel blessed to be raised hunting and live in a time and place where I am given the opportunity to harvest my own food.  With that said, there has always been something missing from my freezer. Fish. I love fresh fish and the benefits of eating such an Omega rich meat, but I have never really taken the time to learn.  I know the basics and have some experience with fishing for lake trout, and pan fish, but living in a coastal state means great opportunity for salmon and steelhead. So when a friend of mine invited me to join him on a steelhead trip I jumped at the chance.

Recharging on the river

Knowing that the trip was going to limited to just a couple days, Trevor wanted to make sure that the conditions were perfect and put me on stand by and told me to be ready to launch at any time.  As I anxiously awaited the call I did my best to prepare for the river. It was January, so I figured I better pack some warm clothes, some hand warmers, some rubber boots, a couple dry bags, a couple coolers and some easy access food so that I eat on the fly.

It was a Friday when Trevor called, and I started my 12-hour journey from eastern Washington to southern Oregon.  After a quick stop in Salem to pick up my good friends Jesse and Amanda we were finally ready to hit the river. After a quick lesson on casting and tending the line we shoved off.  The fishing was slow, but the scenery, and company more than made up for the lack of lip ripping. By mid-day the temperature had risen to nearly 70 degrees, and we were down to our base layers, and sunglasses.  As I sat back in my seat, drifting through the steep canyon walls, eating my second helping of Espresso Packaroons, I knew there was no place I would rather be.

We hit it hard for two straight days, and as time ran out on this trip I knew that I was going home empty handed, but like all my outdoor adventures, this trip was a perfectly timed recharge.  My life, like many others, can become overwhelming at times, and taking this time to connect with friends in such a beautiful setting left me charged and ready to get back after it.

How do you recharge?

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