Packing for an Outward Bound Trip

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Aww… the sweet, sweet outdoors. A place where I feel wild, free, untamed, and extraordinarily adventurous. It’s also a place that I feel incredibly safe. I learned at a young age to be prepared. I’ve spent one too many nights shivering myself to sleep because I didn’t pack the essential items that would create a nest of comfort and safety. I definitely learned my lesson back in my earlier years. Now when I move through the mountains, I am self sufficient and ready for independent travel. I am fully prepared. What do I bring? 

Outward Bound

Well, it really depends on where I’m going. But let’s use one of my glacier camping experiences as an example. And packing for a 2 week trip on the Harding Icefield (a giant chunk of ice just outside of Seward, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula) is actually fairly similar to what I would pack on a backpacking trip…. except, I bring specific equipment for ice travel. 


To ensure I don’t forget anything, I pack like I’m dressing myself from the bottom up.

Backpacking Items:  

  • 2 wool socks, down booties, xtra tuff ankle boots for my camp shoe, mountaineering boots,
  • 1 pair synthetic long underwear bottoms, soft shell pants, hard shell rain pant,
  • 1 synthetic long sleeve top with hood, puffy jacket, vest, wind layer (my favorite layer ever!!!) and finally the hard shell rain jacket
  • beanie, sun hat, glacier sunglasses

Now that I have what I need for my body, I gather my basic camping necessities:

  • Down sleeping bag
  • Bivvy sac
  • Inflatable neo-air thermarest and Z-rest pad
  • Tent, poles, stakes
  • Complete kitchen set
  • Camp fuel

Since I am going on the glacier, I’ll need some very specific items, such as:

  • A rope
  • Harness
  • Ice tool and ice ax
  • Helmet
  • Ice screws
  • Crampons
  • Carabiners
  • Belay device
  • 2 pulleys
  • Cordelette

Some other items I take:

First aid kit, cell phone with solar charger, GPS, crazy creek camp chair, small tarp for my kitchen scene, sunscreen, a bear barrel and a toiletries kit.

Snow Hiking

At this point, my pack is literally 65 pounds. That is nearly 1/2 of my body weight! I haven’t even started packing food yet! And the good news is, because I eat Heather’s Choice pretty much the entire trip, it doesn’t add much more weight to my already heavy pack.

Snow camping

I’ve been stuck up on the glacier for weeks before and I’ve never had a problem stressing over food. I eat well up there on the ice. And I eat well because Heather has poured her passion (along with incredible ingredients) into her products. I can get behind that.

Outward Bound Trip

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