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Hi everyone! I'm down at Sheep Show 2018 and meeting lots of inspiring people in the industry. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about some nutrition trips for staying healthy while you travel between industry shows or plan for the backcountry.

Healthy snacks for travel and tradeshows

I always make sure that I have lots of healthy snacks! Yesterday I ate every snack in my bag. Here are some of my favorite snacks for healthy hunters on the go.

Collagen - I add collagen to my coffee in the morning for an extra protein boost. I support high quality, grass-fed collagen. The individual servings are easy to take on the go.

Barnacle Kelp Blend - This is nutritional yeast and kelp that is dried. This is awesome because it's full of iodine, which is great for keeping your thyroid in check. This is especially great for women trying to intake iodine.

Starbucks Via Packets - I take these into the backcountry and into the city. I carry my own Yeti Rambler and instant coffee packets.

Carry a Water Bottle - It's easy to forget when you're walking around talking to people that you need to drink water. Bring a water bottle and try to drink a full bottle every hour to stay hydrated while you're walking around trade shows. 

Vitamins and SupplementsWilderness Athlete sent me a care package with some great new products, including these individual vitamin packs (The Good Stuff). These are awesome because it's actually helping me remember my vitamins and supplements on the road.

New Primal Meat Sticks - Protein is going to be the thing that helps you feel satiated between meals, especially as a snack. The meat sticks from New Primal are grass-fed so you know it's a great source of protein that will fit in your pocket.

Healthy lunch on the go

For lunch I had pre-portioned nuts, some jerky, and a fruit bar for a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Pre-Portion Mixed Nuts - I portion about 1 ounce of salted nuts in a snack bag for a single day. I can really over do it with the salted nuts if I don't pre-portion them.


Wild Zora - I'm really liking these products. They contain meat and vegetables, which helps me make sure I'm getting enough greens.

Nut Butter - I personally always bring an individual serving of nut butter. I limit my amount of nut butter to 2 ounces a day, because it's really easy to over-do the calories with nut butter, but this is a great source of high quality fat to help you maintain your energy levels. 

Veggie Go's - This is a great snack to pair with a jerky stick to keep up your green vegetable intake.

Ginger Chews - At these events you're shaking hands with a ton of people. I bring my favorite ginger chews to help support my immune system and have a fun little treat. I also brought ginger tea to drink throughout the day.

Lemon Oil - I like to bring a little bottle of lemon oil when I travel so I can drink lemon water in the morning before my first cup of coffee. This is great to help support your liver and make sure I drink a big glass of water in the morning.

Natural Calm - I really like these natural calm packets. They contain magnesium, which helps your muscles relax. This helps me drink another big glass of water at night and also helps prevent muscle cramping. 

Bearded Brothers - I really like these date bars! I get them on Amazon. These are a healthier way to get my daily chocolate fix.


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