Looking Ahead to 2018

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Welcome to a new year, where already, everything feels different.

Over the past year, so many things have changed for me and Heather's Choice. Thankfully, I can confidently say it has all changed for the better. I'm blown away that a year ago we had just moved into our office. We had just taken on our first round of investment. Brad had just started working on the business with me full time. I was learning what it meant to have employees and the difference between bookkeeping and accounting.

Now here we are, a year later, and I couldn't possibly be more excited for what 2018 is going to bring!

Thanks to all of you, our business grew in 2017, and matured quite a bit. We did some serious quality control with our meals and snacks, developed new flavors of our Packaroons, built, disassembled, and rebuilt our team, grew our audience by thousands of people, and maybe most importantly, took a huge step towards having all of our products made under one roof here in Alaska. We screwed some stuff up, we learned a ton, and accomplished so much more. It's no wonder I can hardly keep my eyes open at 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon...

I'm grateful for all that happened in 2017, and I'm even more grateful for what's to come in the next year.

In 2018, I hope to focus on kindling the relationships that we have already built with you, our customers, our fans, our supporters, our investors, and more. I hope to devote a ton of time to showing each and every one of you how grateful I am that we've had your support along the way. This business wouldn't be here without you.

Brad and I are both so elated to be working together in this business full time. We get to set our schedules, work early, work late, take a mental health day, bring our sweet dog with us to work, and it's amazing. I never want to take that for granted.

This year, not only do I want to grow as an entrepreneur, I REALLY can't wait to revise our adventure menu. We have sold thousands of Packaroons, Buckwheat Breakfasts, Chipotle Cherry Chilis, Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowders, and more! It's time to shake up the products we offer, and I couldn't be more excited to share those meals and snacks with you...stay tuned!

In 2018, I hope to really perfect our customer experience, and become more of a resource for you guys when it comes to nutrition, adventure planning and inspiration. You will be seeing a lot more from our brand ambassadors, and I can't wait to have more of you join our affiliate program, to hopefully help pay for the gas on a few of your weekend trips ;)

I'm grateful that still today, as a growing startup, I see Heather's Choice as a creative endeavor. Every day I am giddy about creating new products starting in my home pantry, revising my business vision board, and shooting photos of our food. By seeing this business as an opportunity to create a work of art is pretty darn fun. I don't know when it will be "complete" or "finished", but I'm enjoying getting up and working on it every single day. Your feedback, support, criticism, cheerleading, and mentorship is truly helping to form the final product, which I hope we'll all be really happy with.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure with me, and I cannot possibly wait to see where YOU go this year. I hope we get to play even a small part of your 2018 adventures.



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  • Awesome- Ready for a Great 2018 ! Good luck with all the new focus and projects.


    Arnie Didier on

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