Our Backcountry Holiday Gift Guide

Our Backcountry Holiday Gift Guide

Let's be honest, shopping for all the people in your life during the holidays can be overwhelming. We get it! 

Today, we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite pieces of equipment for all of our backcountry trips. These are the things we don't leave home without!

We hope this helps spur some new gift ideas for all the outdoorsy people on your list this holiday season!

1. Black Diamond Rechargeable Head Lamp

Who wants to carry batteries?! Nobody! These USB rechargeable headlamps are perfect for extended backcountry trips where dealing with batteries is a no-go.

2. MSR Reactor Stove

We've had our MSR Reactor since 2014 and it still works like a champ! This is the one stove you need for all your meals in a bag. It boils water super fast, it's easy to use, wind resistant, and compact. It's also tumbled down a few's clearly built to last!

3. Hardside Hydration Water Bottle System

Enough with the hydration bags that leak...introducing Hardside Hydration! This is a great way to turn your collection of Nalgene bottles into a part of your pack hydration system. Such a clever and durable idea!

4. Blueberry Almond Packaroons

It's no secret these will forever be the BEST Packaroon flavor! The almond extract is so decadent and blueberries are just the freakin' best!

5. Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder

Also, no surprise here...this has been a favorite Heather's Choice meal FOREVER! A bag of Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder on every single trip we take, whether it's flying, road trips, or backpacking.

6. Hyperlite Gear RePack Freezer Bag Cook System

These little suckers are a hot commodity *wink wink*! If they're in stock, get one for yourself and one for your backcountry buddy. Once you have one, you'll never leave on trips without it.

7. Black Diamond Trekking Poles

These are another great item to buy once and have forever. The Black Diamond trekking poles are great because of the cork grips. They feel less slimy in your hands when hiking long distance and sweating.

8. Mini Nalgene

When we're trying to cut weight, an insulated thermos doesn't make it on the packing list. A "mini" Nalgene is great for coffee in the morning, magnesium at night, and hot water to snuggle in the bottom of your sleeping bag!

9. Sea To Summit Reactor Extreme Sleeping Bag Liner

If you sleep HOT, having a nice, soft bag liner keeps you from feeling gross inside your sleeping bag. Whether you sweat at night or you sleep cold and need a little extra insulation, a bag liner is a must-have! You can also use it as just a sheet when on warm weather trips.

10. Buffs!!

You can never have enough Buffs! They're a headband, a snot rag, a wind block, a sunblock, a neck warmer, a hot pad, the uses are infinite! 

We hope this short list makes your holiday shopping for your adventure buddy a little bit easier and a little bit fun!

Happy holidays! We can't wait to see you out on the trail in the year to come!


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  • I just realized that I gave my Jetboil to my daughter, so it’s either the billy pot and pocket rocket, or a new MSR!
    Clearly the best flavour of Packaroon is the Vanilla Orange… or the one with Espresso. And while we are debating taste, the African Peanut Stew wins the prize!
    Sleeping bag liner, yes, but with the hot-water-nalgene trick I find myself a lot happier in my sleeping bag in cold weather.

    Frans Diepstraten
  • While I do understand it is the writers opinion as to the choices GEAR is very much a individuals personality and how they pack for instance you said stove A I have used a jet boil a MSR pocket rocket a whisperlight international MY PREFERENCE is the pocket rocket just seconds shy of a jet boils time and you can actually cook ! BIG PLUS and yes every stove has a better use over the other altitude or weather ! The Bag liner you mentioned the sea to sumit reactor I used one on the AT I found it to be a thing of beauty It started warm 1 evening and was to hot in my quilt but the liner was perfect then it cooled off and I just pulled the quilt on


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