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Dan Staton of Elk Shape podcast talks to Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice about backcountry nutrition and elk hunting.


"So long Mountain House! Wait, what? Yes, I want all of you to consider just what is in a Mountain House or other freeze dried meals. Usually a ridiculous amount of sodium and preservatives that allow them to not have an expiration date. A lot of the dinners, which is primiarly what I use them for contain upwards of 200 grams of carbohydrates if you eat the whole bag. By the way, who doesn’t eat the entire bag? The protein sources amongst other ingredients are not ideal. If we truly are preparing to hunt our best, feel our best, then we might want to consider what put in our bodies during the highly anticipated elk hunt.

"So I sat down with Heather Kelly of Heather’s Choice to pick her brain on their products. They do not sponsor me and I do not have a hidden agenda, but I hope you can listen and think about what you can do to be more intentional on your nutrition while in the field. I want you to recover faster and humps hills harder after elk and I believe improved nutrition can’t hurt. We also talk best business practices, Heather’s collegiate rowing days and few other fun topics like hunting Alaska. Thanks for listening!"


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