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LADIES!!!!! This one is for YOU!!!! We’ve teamed up with five of our favorite female-founded companies for this delicious autumn giveaway!!! Let’s CELEBRATE the special women in your life, those special soul sisters that draw you into the outdoors, and challenges you to be your best self!

Click HERE to enter to win prizes from Heather’s Choice + Skhoop Skirts + Garage Grown Gear + NoSo Patches + Kate’s Real Food + Katherine Homes!


This isn’t your average giveaway folks! These prizes are all coming via fabulous, female-founded companies.

Heather Kelly, Heather's Choice

Born and raised in Alaska by a mother notorious for her organic good cooking, I've always had an appreciation for healthy delicious food. My mission is to provide healthy, delicious, packable food for adventurers worldwide! Whether at home, on the road, or in the backcountry, you deserve to eat well. I hope to encourage more people to improve the quality of the food they eat, whether that is at home or in the backcountry. Learn more about Heather and Heather’s Choice.

Sissi Kenwether, Skhoop Skirts

It all started with below zero temperatures, a happy dog, an old parka and a sewing machine.  Skhoop founder Sissi Kenwether was taking her long morning walk through Are, Sweden with her dog Labbe. Sissi and Labbe meandered through their small mountain village, past the ski lifts and the town square, with each passing step Sissi found herself getting colder and colder.  A bakery down the hill drew her in with the seductive smell of fresh baked bread. With a hot cup of coffee in hand and a frozen butt, Sissi felt like she was missing something from her wardrobe. Why did she wear a parka with a pair of jeans with long underwear? She needed something that could keep her bum and legs warm.  After a cup of coffee, Sissi and Labbe ran home, Sissi had an idea! She grabbed her old parka from the basement, a pair of scissors and sat in front of her old sewing machine and went to work. A few hours later, the first down skirt saw the light of the day! The next morning Sissi and Labbe embarked on another cold morning walk. This time with a warm bum. The Original Skhoop Skirt was born. Learn more about Sissi and Skhoop Skirts.

Amy Hatch, Garage Grown Gear

Amy is the Founder of Garage Grown Gear, an online store and magazine that spotlights small and startup outdoor brands. GGG sells gear, apparel and food from 60+ emerging brands in its online store and publishes three new articles each week in its online magazine. GGG believes there is something inherently wonderful about supporting creative ideas, and that new brands spark fresh conversation and innovation within the outdoor industry.   

Amy got her start in business when she launched Jackson Hole Packraft. Through it she learned how to start, run and ultimately sell a business. She also gained the confidence to launch a larger venture ... er, umm ... adventure.

When not tapping away at the keyboard, Amy can be found drinking coffee, training for adventure races, or romping with her daughter, husband and dogs. She loves trail running, mountain biking, packrafting, and skate skiing ... but above all backcountry skiing. And, that is why she calls the Tetons home. Learn more about Amy and Garage Grown Gear.

Kelli Jones, NoSo Patches

Kelli Jones, founder and #girlboss came up with the idea for Noso Patches after she hopped a barbed wire fence hiking in Wyoming and snagged her brand-new Patagonia jacket. Instead of replacing the jacket or repairing it with tape, Kelli used her own heart shaped patch she cut from nylon. After numerous friends asked where they could get one, she decided to make Noso Patches available to everyone to help keep gear out of the landfill. Learn more about Kelli and NoSo Patches.

Katherine Homes, Artist

Growing up in the lush landscape of the Eastern US, Katherine has always had an intimate connection to nature. From a young age Katherine has made a commitment to tread lightly on the planet and encourage others to do the same. She has a passion for international travel and learning about diverse communities to understand how different cultures connect to the wild.  Katherine hand paints all of her designs using watercolor on wood. Learn more about Katherine Homes.

Kate Schade, Kate's Real Food

Long before Kate Schade became a business owner and whole foods advocate, she was a self-proclaimed ski bum.  Tram Bars, Kate’s preliminary food source for on-the-go fun, were made on off-days in her kitchen. In line at 7:00 a.m., Kate would catch first box at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, ski all day, then grab a quick shower before slinging Italian food in the evenings. All the while, her Tram Bar pocket-fuel satiated any nourishment needs. Learn more about Kate and Kate’s Real Food!



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