Five Ways Heather's Choice Makes Your Life Easier

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I know when you imagine yourself eating a Heather’s Choice meal, you probably picture an idyllic outdoor scene. You found the perfect campsite next to a river high in the mountains with a grand view of the valley and snow capped peaks beyond. You’re wearing long underwear and wool socks. Your legs are tired and your sore feet are happy to be out of hiking boots for the day. You have your tent set up, a beautiful forest surrounding you, and a smile on your face. And while our social media accounts may promote such moments as the ideal time to consume our meals, I am here to tell you that there are many other situations in which it is a great idea to have some Heather’s Choice on hand.

There is a very small minority who manage to become full time outdoor adventurers, but let’s face it, most of us live lives that require us to spend the majority of our time in the “real world.” We have homes, we have jobs, we have kids, we have pets. We wait in lines, we toil at desks, we drive in cars, we sit on buses, we fly in planes, we are BUSY; and often this means we do not have time to cook ourselves healthy, satisfying meals.

Here are a few examples of times when Heather’s Choice is a great, convenient way to fill in the nutritional gaps of a life on-the-go, even when the moment isn’t exactly Instagramable.

1. When you don’t have time to make breakfast

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet for so many of us, it is the meal we struggle with most. We need sleep after all, and getting enough of it often means a time crunch at the start of the day. If you are a morning person who is able to wake up and make yourself a thoughtful, nutritious meal, I commend you. But for those of us whose jobs require us to get up early, shower, get dressed, hop in the car, and make it to work by a time when our eyelids can still barely force themselves above half-mast, it is too easy to simply grab a sugary pastry or forego eating breakfast altogether. For this latter group, a healthy buckwheat breakfast from Heather’s Choice that requires only the brain power needed to pour hot water into a bag is a great way to ensure a nutritious start to the day.

2. During your lunch break at work

Tired of the same uninspired options at your work’s cafeteria? Sick of making yourself the same boring sandwich or salad? Trying to eat healthier food than what’s offered at the fast food restaurants surrounding your office? Don’t have the time or money to venture out during your lunch break? Bring some Heather’s Choice to work! Get some boiling water from the coffee machine and make a hot meal right at your desk. You will save precious minutes spent preparing or commuting to lunch, and the unique, exotic flavors are sure to spice things up.

3. When you’re flying

As a comedian (or maybe it was SpongeBob) once said: what’s the deal with airline food? Seriously though, nowadays you’re lucky to get a free carry on and a complimentary 2 oz bag of pretzels on a domestic flight. One cannot fly in this day and age and expect to be adequately fed. Nor can one expect to visit a kiosk in the airport and obtain a halfway decent meal without paying double what it is actually worth. That said, Heather’s Choice is a great option for nutrition when you are flying. Just ask your flight attendant for hot water which is (hopefully) free, and be one of the few on your flight to enjoy a delicious, satisfying meal.

Easy ski day breakfast

4. When you’re resort skiing with the kids

Not many of us who are skiers made our first turns in deep backcountry powder navigating our way through the trees. No, we probably first learned by pizza-ing our way down the courduroyed bunny slope of our local ski hill. And when we want our kids to learn to share our passion for alpine winters, we take them to a resort to do the same. While access to chairlifts, ski school, flushing toilets, and warming lodges is convenient, it all comes at a price. After dropping several hundred dollars on lift tickets for a day of skiing with the family, it can be hard to feel stoked about dropping another hundred on a burger, a turkey sandwich, two orders of chicken tenders and some hot chocolates. When lunchtime rolls around, skip all that and just grab yourself a few cups of hot water for some delicious Heather’s Choice. It will fill you up after you’ve worn yourself out on the slopes and it will taste way better than that $22 chicken patty from the cafeteria. Note: this advice also applies to fairs, zoos, amusement parks, water parks, and anywhere else you might take your kids where the food is overpriced and nasty.

Convenient ski snack

5. When you’re just too tired to make dinner

It is hard to cook for one, and it is especially hard to get up the motivation to cook for one. At the end of a long day, the thought of finding a recipe, buying the ingredients, preparing a meal, and then cleaning everything up afterwards is daunting to say the least. Of course you are hungry and you want to eat something healthier and more satisfying than ramen noodles, but take out is an expensive habit and your level of fatigue seems to leave more elaborate dishes out of the question- unless, of course, you have some Heather’s Choice in your pantry. Just boil some water and voile! You have a healthy, delicious meal to cap off a day of hard work.

These are just a few examples of moments when Heather’s Choice can make life more satisfying, even when your view happens to include four walls. The packaging may say “meals for adventuring,” but how you interpret that is up to you. Never hesitate to take advantage of the convenience and nutritional value of Heather’s Choice, no matter where you are!

P.S. This post was written while eating Heather’s Choice Strawberry Vanilla Breakfast.

Strawberry Backpacking BReakfast

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