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I've been loving spending more time in the kitchen these past few months, working on new Packaroon® flavors, new dinner recipes, and more. Cooking has always been a creative endeavor for me, and I hope I get to continue coming up with new products for you guys in the near future.

Today, I'm excited to announce the release of our Blueberry Almond Packaroons®. August is my favorite time of year for multiple reasons, but one of them is that blueberries are beginning to ripen here in our backyard. As a kid, my fingers and pocket t-shirts were always stained purple from picking so many berries. Now, we get to enjoy these delicious fruits all year round with our latest edition Packaroon!

Get a taste of the first Blueberry Almond Packaroons!

In addition to our new flavor this month, you will also notice a new shape. It's been in the works for a long time, but we have finally made the transition to our new and improved Packaroon shape. Now, our affectionally named "Little Puckers" will pack down smaller in your bag! We're always working to save you more space. Don't worry, you still get the same number of calories in each bag.

I look forward to your feedback on our new Packaroon flavor and shape! Keep us posted on your summer adventures with #heatherschoice.



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