Backpacking Food 101: Meal Planning & Nutrition

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Meal planning for the backcountry can be one of the most complicated logistical components of your entire trip. From counting calories to accommodating dietary restrictions there are plenty of nuances to consider. How will you nourish your body in the backcountry without weighing down your pack or compromising your nutrition? That's our goal here at Heather's Choice! In today's post we are going to take a look at some of the resources we have created to help you meal plan for the backcountry and maximize the nutritional value of the backpacking food you consume.

Backpacking food how to plan your backpacking food

How to Create a Backpacking Meal Plan

One of the most difficult aspects of preparing for a backpacking trip is planning your meals and snacks. There are so many things to consider! Your total calorie count, which needs to be exponentially increased in the backcountry, your protein intake, and most importantly the weight of the food you’ll be carrying and the ease of preparation. Click to learn how to meal plan for the backcountry and download our FREE MEAL PLANNING WORKSHEET!

Backpacking food how to plan your backpacking menu

Complete 3-Day Backpacking Menu

Not sure where to start? We've created three complete backpacking menus with 3,000 and 4,000 calorie/day options. Enjoy Heather's Choice buckwheat breakfast, bacon jerky, cheese, chocolate, and everything yummy! Click to view three complete backpacking menus and get fueled for your next adventure.

Why We Love Protein in the Backcountry

Protein is one of my favorite macronutrients, because it’s highly satiating. This is especially important in the backcountry when we're experiencing increased appetites and testing our athletic endurance. In this Vlog I discuss the nutritional value of protein in the backcountry and share my recommendations for how many grams you should plan to consume per day on your next backpacking trip. Click to learn why we love protein in the backcountry!

Grain-free, gluten-free backpacking food

Gluten-Free Backpacking Food

In this Vlog I talk about why I recommend individuals consider a grain-free diet in the backcountry. Reduce pain and inflammation during your backpacking trips with a grain-free diet and increase your energy and athletic endurance. Click to learn why you should consider going grain-free in the backcountry and how to plan gluten-free backpacking foods.

Paleo Backpacking Food

It was my strict paleo diet that inspired me to create the recipes that became Heather's Choice. Planning to accommodate your paleo diet in the backcountry requires some foresight, but can easily be done. Click to learn how I plan my paleo menu for the backcountry. 

Backpacker training workouts, backpacking training workouts, workouts for backpackers

Backpacker Training Workouts

Planning to spend some time in the backcountry this year? It's time to start training! We teamed up with our friends at Train to Hunt to put together these five backpacker training workouts. Click to download your FREE copy of our five favorite backcountry training workouts.

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