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In early September, Brad and I took off on a weekend hunt in our great big backyard, looking for mountain goat. It was a wonderful (and eventful) trip that would I absolutely do again!
While we were out there, I took note of all the meals and snacks we had over the two days or hiking and packrafting. I was over the top excited how good everything tasted, especially since I had made 90% of it! Woohoo!
Here is a snippet of our backcountry menu. Brad and I eat all the same things while we are on trips because, well, I pack all of the food ;)
Most of these recipes are featured in our new recipe book, which I highly recommend you download today!
11:00 am Starbucks VIA with Great Lakes Collagen, 2 oz Grass-fed Original Beef Jerky and homemade Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed Bar
9:00 am *We slept in* Starbucks VIA with Great Lakes Collagen, Gluten-Free Muesli with Dehydrated Yogurt
9:00 pm Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa *this is my guilty pleasure*
After getting off our wet layers and loading into the truck by about 9:30 at night, we hit our favorite post trip spot for burgers and fries to celebrate a memorable trip!
Read all about Brad's swim and lessons learned from this weekend adventure.
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  • Hi Kevin! I will for sure work on putting together a priced out adventure menu for you! That would be a fantastic point of reference for all of us. Thanks so much for your kind words!!

    Heather on
  • I was wondering what the price of the daily food is on this list. Total per day $$.
    I’ve been comparing daily menu costs with my fellow back country hunting friends.

    Thank You, Love Heather’s Choice products and customer service!

    Kevin Frazier on

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