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Hey Adventurers!

This has been a long time coming...and I couldn't be more excited to share this piece of news with you!

When I started Heather's Choice in the summer of 2014, I kept all of my ingredients in the back of my truck and hand drew all of the labels for our products with a permanent marker. I had a small chunk of change that my best friend had loaned me, which I used that to buy a dehydrator from Cabela's that was marketed as "commercial grade".

With that first piece of equipment, I jumped from sharing space in a coffee shop at night, to enrolling some friends of mine back in Colorado to make meals and snacks for me, to working with a major co-packer in the lower 48, and nearly every possible option in between. Just finding a place to dehydrate food has been an adventure in and of itself for over three years now!

Today, I'm excited to announce that for the first time, Heather's Choice FINALLY has it's own kitchen!

It's a work in progress, but it's ours nonetheless!

This may not seem like much, but to us it's monumental. In the coming year, not only will we be making everything under one roof, we'll be able to obtain a USDA grant of inspection, a gluten-free certification, and an FDA inspection for processing seafood. This means consistent quality control, the opportunity to introduce new products (can you say Chicken Mole?!), and all of our meals and snacks FINALLY being made here in Alaska! I couldn't possibly be more excited!

To celebrate this big step for us as a little baby business, we're hosting an event at our NEW KITCHEN on Thursday, December 21st from 6 to 9 pm, and we would love for you to join us!

We'll have samples of our soon to be released meals and snacks, as well as an incredible community of adventurers who have supported us from the very beginning.

RSVP here and join us for the official Heather's Choice Kitchen Warming Party Thursday, December 21st from 6 to 9 pm!

So much more remains to be said, and so much more to be done - but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to all of the thousands of you who have supported us over the past three years! You've bought hundreds of meals from our website, you've taste tasted our Packaroons, fully funded us on Kickstarter, invested in us as a young Alaskan startup, and taken our products on adventures around the world! How lucky am I to be cheered on by people like you?

Happy holidays to you and yours, and I hope to see you at our kitchen next Thursday for a celebratory cheers!


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