A Nostalgic Look at Our Original Packaging

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A big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our OG Packaging Photo Contest. Thank you for indulging my nostalgia! It was so fun to walk down memory lane with you all and there were so many great photos! Check out the highlights below:

"@heatherschoice is feeling nostalgic...

A hot meal on a cold night was very welcome. I had pitched a tarp, and just before turning in the snow started. Probably should have taken a tent."-@fransdiepstraten


"Throwback to my first @heatherschoice purchases. I remember just a few years ago, driving all over Anchorage trying to find this stuff for a caribou hunt up on the North Slope on the Haul Road. I ended up picking these up at @summitspiceandteaco and @barneyssportschalet. Now you can find these randomly all over the local area. Just last week I was at @beartooththeatre for the @flyfishingfilmtour, and saw a whole row of packaroons sitting on the shelf! The week before that, I spotted them at @skinnyravensports. I love that they are becoming so popular and are now so easy to get my hands on. Part of me feels like I've been on this journey with all the great people at Heather's Choice.

Keep it going!!"-@backcountry_phenom


"OG @heatherschoice packaging. My 2016 ID elk hunt food menu is when I made the leap to a cleaner/healthier backcountry fuel and I’ve never looked back!!"-@ryan_clairmont


"Flashback to spring of 2017 backpacking with Briahna on the Oregon Coast. She liked Heather's Choice Packaroons and Breakfast."-@backcountryrunner


"It’s farming season! #memorylanemonday back when I used to live in WA and helped farmers grow their crops... long days in saddle... some days lunch prep include #heatherschoice #original #huntdiy .
Original post:
When your out of prepped meals and need lunch for the day... Oh look I have a #heatherschoice sample kit to work through... Jet boil packed, and smoked sockeye chowder for lunch it is! Can't wait to try it!"-@huntdiy_kenner


"Can’t wait for some of the snow to melt so I can get back in the mountains. Nothing beats the wilderness on a summer day."-@sgknut

What an Amazing 5 Years It's Been

When I started dehydrating food to take on my own adventures 8 years ago I never thought it would lead to what Heather's Choice has become today! We've been making lightweight, high nutritional meals with incredible ingredients for 5 years now and I'm so grateful to all of you for taking this journey with me. From made in my home kitchen to made in our Heather's Choice facility, every entrée, breakfast, and Packaroon has been made by hand with love!

Thank you ❤️    

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