Update: Our Brand New Packaging!

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We are BEYOND excited to announce that our bags have been ordered and are on their way thanks to YOU! It's pretty intimidating to order thousands upon thousands of packages for Heather's Choice, but I'm excited to see how quickly we can get them out to our adventurous customers :)

Thank you to Mtn. Dog Media for continuing to help us perfect our packaging design!

New Packaging Mock Ups with Topo Maps of Our Favorite Places
New Packaging Mock Ups with Topo Maps of Our Favorite Places

We've also been working hard in the kitchen to perfect and finalize our adventure menu. We are waiting to send out our backer surveys until we have all of our packaging and know exactly what products we will have for you to choose from. Thank you for your patience!

We're still shooting to have all of our rewards filled by early June, just in time for the summer camping season!

If you are yearning for some Heather's Choice meals + snacks between now and when your reward arrives in June, you can order online at www.heatherschoice.com. We have a couple of new products listed, such as our Cherry Cocoa Nib Breakfast (which is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD), our Chinese Five Spice Packaroons, and the very first batch of Ethiopian Doro Wat!

Thank you again for all your support! We have big plans for 2016 and are very excited to have you cheering us on the whole way.

Looking for a little adventure? Join us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter @heatherschoice as we travel 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon this month! It is a trip of epic proportions, and we are excited to share the journey with you. You wouldn't believe how many packaroons we brought for 16 people to enjoy for the next 30 days ;)

See you soon!




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