Recipe: Strawberry Vanilla Fruit Leathers

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'Tis the Holiday Season!

That means it's time to get crafty!
When I first started dehydrating food, I was using a simple five tray Excalibur to test all of my new recipes. After five years of experiments in the kitchen, this little machine is still my all time favorite! For about $100 you can have your own dehydrator to start making meals + snacks for all your adventures!

One of the best ways to get comfortable with your at home dehydrator is to start making fruit leathers. It's as easy as making a smoothie and simply pouring it onto your dehydrator trays!

Here are a couple tips I recommend for making your first batch of fruit leathers:

1. Purchase fruit leather sheets, and keep them super clean! Wash them with lots of soapy water between experiments.

2. Spray the dehydrator sheets with coconut oil to keep your fruit leathers from sticking. Spread the fruit mixture to be 1/8 inch thick evenly on the trays. I like to make the fruit mixture thin enough so that it pours evenly. This doesn't work so well if your smoothie is too thick.

3. Rotate the trays every few hours. It will only take about eight hours for your fruit leathers to dry, so consider rotating them at least once at the half way mark to ensure even drying.

4. Once the fruit leathers are tacky, but no longer wet, take them off the trays while still warm and wrap in parchment paper. Simply roll them up like an old school Fruit by the Foot and store them in a cool dark place, preferably in a glass jar.

5. Pack a couple for each person on your next adventure, or use them as great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

There is definitely an art to dehydrating food, but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it!

Try making these strawberry vanilla fruit leathers for your adventurous loved ones.

Strawberry Vanilla Fruit Leathers

4 cups frozen strawberries
2 cups water
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp vanilla extract

Blend these ingredients thoroughly. Spray fruit leather sheets with an even layer of coconut oil. Pour fruit smoothie mixture onto dehydrator trays, making sure it is spread evenly to be 1/8 inch thick. Dehydrate at 130 degrees for 6 to 10 hours, until leathers are tacky, but not brittle or cracked.

Enjoy! These are gifts any outdoor enthusiast can get excited about :)



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