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Heather's Choice Announces It's First Kickstarter


It was about five years ago that I was sitting on the floor of my garage pouring over dehydrator books, wondering how I was going to pack enough food for a month-long river trip through the Grand Canyon. I had been invited to come along as a boat captain on what's considered "the trip of a lifetime” and, at 22 years old, I was spooked. One of my biggest hurdles was figuring out how I was going to eat healthy while I was on the river. Having already decided that oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and mac and cheese weren't going to cut it, I took it upon myself to create the healthiest (and tastiest) food I could for such an adventure.

As I pureed dehydrated purple potatoes from the farmer's market to make my own "instant" mashed potatoes, I thought to myself, 

"Wouldn't it be neat to start a line of food called Heather's Choice that was all dehydrated meals and snacks? It would be super healthy food that anybody could feel good about eating! Plus, it would be DELICIOUS!"

Fast-forward through a very successful trip down the Colorado River with 50 pounds of dried food in tow, months of backpacking and pack-rafting trips with Heather's Choice prototypes, and countless recipe variations; and five years later, the dream is on the verge of being complete!

You may have a dream of your own, and for those dreams that have already become your reality you know that they didn't happen without a ton of time, love, attention, and support. I understand that community is what makes any dream possible, which is why I’m asking you for help.

In the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of dreams coming true, Heather's Choice has decided to launch a Kickstarter Campaign on November 16 to make a BIG step towards making our business better than ever!

You see, a lot of the backcountry meals nowadays come in tall, fairly bulky packages and, unless you have an exceptionally long eating utensil, you have to stick your hand into the bag to stir the meal thoroughly as well as to eat the last few precious bites. Wouldn’t it be great if Heather's Choice had smaller packaging that eliminated the mess? Plus there would be less packaging to pack in and out!

We’re now ready to make that part of the dream a reality and currently working with a company that can produce our ideal packaging for our dehydrated meals - and I couldn't be more excited about it!

Here’s the kicker...in order to have these awesome pre-printed, stand-up pouches that are the ideal size for a backpacking meal, we would need to order 75,000 of them! That's a lot of bags! And they aren't free!

That’s why we’re reaching out to you, our community of adventurers, to help us make a big improvement to our product by investing in not only new and improved packaging, but also a great big commercial dehydrator to dry enough food to fill those bags. It’s going to be a BIG addition to our business, and it’s only possible with the support of people like you.

This is a big step for us, however I’m confident that it’s going to be a great BIG step in the right direction. Once we have the perfect packaging, with nutrition panels and bar codes and easy open tear notches, I'm certain that our customers will be pumped about the improvements that we’ve made (and doubling our production capacity with a new commercial dehydrator won't hurt either)!

If you would like to play a role in helping make this dream come true, I invite you to make a pledge on November 16th to our Kickstarter Campaign. We have some incredible rewards for our backers that I'm excited to give away, and in advance I would love to thank you for helping make this dream come true.

To get involved in the making of our dream, between now and November 16th, here's what you can do:

1. Make sure you have opted in for our newsletter by visiting this link to show your support.

2. Share this link with your friends and family who might be interested in seeing a new small business thrive during its second year in business.

3. Stock up on Heather's Choice meals and snacks as stocking stuffers and gift boxes for the holidays! Every sale helps us get one step closer to funding our new and improved packaging, which is due to be released in time for the 2016 camping season!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for your unwavering support of Heather's Choice and helping to make my dream of delicious, healthy, sustainably sourced meals and snacks a reality! To this day, my slight obsession with dehydrating food is a never ending creative endeavor, and every day I love seeing where you are taking your Heather's Choice on your adventures. This whole project is just too much darn fun!

Thanks again and see you on trail! 



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