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First and foremost, thanks to everyone that placed their Heather’s Choice order in the past couple of weeks. April was our best month to date, and we're on track to fill the largest number of orders yet in May! From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you all enough for your business and support.

Kicking off Monday with a car full of orders!

Our dehydrator has literally been humming all hours of the day, cranking out Ethiopian Doro Wat, Spiced Cocoa Packaroons and Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfasts at a steady clip.

We're getting ready to double our current capacity, and add another commercial dehydrator to our fleet. How cool is that?!
It is pretty surreal that less than one year ago, I was working with the folks at CavemanChefs to teach them how to dehydrate Dark Chocolate Chili and Lemon Lavender Packaroons. Here we are now, whipping up 100 batches of Ethiopian Doro Wat at a time, and making as many as 4000 packaroons per day! That’s incredible!
For any of you that have had to wait close to two weeks for your meals and snacks to arrive, I sincerely apologize for the delay! I promise we're working hard to build up our inventory and improve our lead time. One of my top goals for the summer is to improve the speed of our order fulfillment, so you guys can gear up for all your backcountry adventures without too long for your meals and snacks to arrive.

What Happened To The Elk Shepherds Pie?

A lot of you have been inquiring about the Elk Shepherds Pie, and wondering when it will be back in stock.

After receiving a call from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) this past December, I had some serious decisions to make. It was the first real test of my commitment to the core values of Heather’s Choice; health, sustainability, integrity, and honesty.
As true leaders in the field of conservation and conservation science, the RMEF has been keeping a very close eye on the implications of elk farming and its sustainability. Since that call with the RMEF, I have spent countless hours calling and interviewing every one I could to determine whether or not pasture raised elk is truly a sustainable practice, and therefore whether it was something I could continue to support as a business. Based on these numerous discussions, and the background research and reading I have done, I've made a decision. It appears that farming elk, even with rotational grazing on pasture, has not proven to be ethical. 
According to articles such as this one and this one, farm raising cervids is a serious cause for concern. When these animals are in confinement of any kind, there appears to be a marked increase in cases of chronic wasting disease or CWD. If this disease is found in even one animal in the herd, the entire herd must be culled off, and the farm must be relocated. While our suppliers have not had a single reported case of chronic wasting disease, and test every animal for this at the time of slaughter, this is not a risk we are willing to take.
Based on the information and evidence available at this time, we’ve decided to pull Elk Shepherds Pie from our menu until we can be certain that the protein we're sourcing for this meal is in fact healthy for the animals, the environment, and us. Once we have identified a protein that fits this criteria, we look forward to bringing Heather’s Choice Shepherds Pie back to the Adventure Menu.
Thank you to the folks at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for bringing this to my attention and my friends at the Journal of Mountain Hunting for being an important sounding board while making this decision. If anyone out there has ever questioned the commitment of the hunting community to conservation and the environment, let this be a prime example of just how deeply important these issues are to hunters and hunting organizations. 
I’m personally committed to ensuring that our meals and snacks are made using humanely harvested and ethically sourced ingredients. If this is ever in question, I will not hesitate to pull an ingredient from our menu.
In the mean time, you will still find wild caught sockeye salmon, truly wild antelope and venison, plus humanely raised quail on our Adventure Menu, along with as many organic ingredients as we can possibly use.
Thanks again for being a Heather’s Choice supporter, and joining us in the epic adventure to make better backcountry food.
If you have any questions, or any information you would like me to consider, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m happy to hear from you.
Have a wonderful day and if you have an order placed with us, expect to receive a shipment confirmation in the next week. I will be packing boxes like it’s my job, and wondering what epic trips these meals and snacks are headed out on!

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