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    We have been receiving all kinds of great feedback from folks who have recently purchased our meals and snacks for adventuring! The improvements on the packaroons have been very well received (coconut butter + almond flour make the new recipe taste like cake!) and our new buckwheat breakfast flavor, Cherry Cocoa Nib has been a taste tester favorite! The Ethiopian Doro Wat is so good, we've been rehydrating it at home when we're too lazy to cook ;)

    A lot of our customers have also expressed interest in making their own meals for adventuring at home. It is so great to see folks getting excited about dehydrating. It is a blast! If you haven't bought your own dehydrator yet, I recommend this one or this one.

    For those of you who are chomping at the bit and getting excited to try your hand at dehydrating, I wanted to share with you a simple recipe you can make this week!

    Careful! This recipe is good enough that it may not even make it onto the dehydrator trays...you may just eat it all straight from the pot like we did last night!

    We will be sharing LOTS more recipes like this in our cookbook, Who's Ready for an Adventure? which is due to be released in June! Keep your eyes peeled for that this summer!

    Happy dehydrating and let me know how this turns out!

    Cuban Coffee Chili

    photo courtesy of Simply So Good

    Heat two tablespoons of bacon grease or oil over medium heat. Add two diced onions (yellow or white) and sauté until translucent. Add four cloves of chopped garlic and stir until fragrant, about one minute.

    Mix in two pounds of ground meat (beef, moose, venison, bison all work great) and cook through till no longer pink. Stir in two tablespoons of ancho ground chili powder, one tablespoon of cumin, one teaspoon of allspice, one quarter teaspoon of nutmeg, one teaspoon of black pepper and one teaspoon of salt. Mix like crazy.

    Add in one tablespoon of molasses melted into two cups of hot coffee. Finally, mix in two 14.5 ounce cans of fire roasted tomatoes and let simmer for one hour.

    While the chili is simmering uncovered, cook two cups of white rice. Add four cups of water to two cups of rice, bring to a boil, then simmer till cooked al dente.

    Once the chili and rice are cooked, mix together and spread the whole mess onto your dehydrator trays in a thin layer, no more than 1/4 inch thick. I recommend fruit leather sheets to spread the food onto, to keep it from falling through the trays. You can also use wax paper or parchment paper. Make sure the food is hot when you put it onto the dehydrator trays, and preheat the dehydrator to 165 degrees for an hour.

    Let the food dry for close to 24 hours, or until it is bone dry and easily crumbles. Let it all cool on the trays for an hour or more.

    Store this in glass jars, or quart size ziploc bags, and simply rehydrate with a cup of boiling water. You can play around with your serving sizes, but approximately four ounces of dried food will make one hearty portion when rehydrated.

    Garnish with slivered almonds and raisin to serve!

    Don't have a dehydrator yet? Be sure to stock up for your next big epic by visiting our website and trying all six flavors of our entrees, breakfasts and packaroons!

    Happy trails and keep us posted on your adventures with #heatherschoice this spring!


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